Jun 27th 2013, 17:49

Chiropractor Brampton


Chiropractors work with the spine, not just because it's often the source of neck and back pain, but because it houses and protects the central nervous system which monitors, controls and regulates all body function, and allows the body to adapt to internal and external influences.

Spinal misalignments are typically caused by stress that overwhelms the body's resilience and coping ability. Physical stress can occur as the result of a car accident or slipping on an icy sidewalk, improper posture, occupational trauma, or birth trauma. Emotional stress can be the result of significant emotional trauma or the inability to adapt to a stressful situation. Chemical trauma can result from the misuse of prescription or illicit drugs, inadequate nutrition, or environmental toxins. By interfering with the nervous system, these misalignments interfere with normal function, reducing your body's ability to self-regulate, adapt, and heal.

Chiropractors detect and correct the cause of this interference, allowing your body to properly self-regulate, adapt and heal. The care and maintenance of the spine and nervous system is a necessary component of any natural approach to healthcare.

Dr. Mansoor Sharif utilizes a gentle and safe form of chiropractic care which includes adjusting the spine without “twisting” “cracking” or “popping.” Patients feel comfortable with this style of treatment as it is very gentle and safe. This style of chiropractic is used by less than 1% of the Chiropractors in Ontario. If you live in the Brampton region, Dr. Mansoor Sharif is the chiropractor of choice. 

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