Azra S.

I suffered from general aches and pains and decided to go see Dr. Mansoor Sharif. Since I suffer from osteoporosis, I was a little worried about the “cracking and popping” aspect of Chirop... Read More

Alexandra S.

I am writing this testimonial so that others may benefit, as I have, from the wonderful Chiropractic treatment I received from Dr. Mansoor Sharif. Having suffered from a fall, which knocked my hip out... Read More

Andrena T.

After incurring a work related injury to my lower back, I walked into Dr. Sharif’s office to inquire about a treatment. Dr. Sharif was kind enough to fit me into his daily schedule and by the en... Read More

Syed F.

I suffered from high blood pressure, and my family doctor had suggested that I monitor myself and that I may have start on medication if the problem persisted. A family member referred me to Dr. Manso... Read More

Paul M.

I am a 53 year old male and I’ve been coming to see Dr. Mansoor Sharif for 8 months now. I have suffered from migraine headaches for many years. I was getting these migraines about twice a month... Read More
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