Alexandra S.


I am writing this testimonial so that others may benefit, as I have, from the wonderful Chiropractic treatment I received from Dr. Mansoor Sharif. Having suffered from a fall, which knocked my hip out of joint, I found myself in excruciating pain and desperate to find some kind of relief. I have also had a long history of neck and back pain, for which I been to four chiropractors, and one physiotherapist. Understandably, when I entered Dr. Sharif’s office I was quite skeptical. Before he began treatment, Dr. Sharif made sure that my husband and I understood what was necessary to fix the problem. He took a great deal of care to ensure that we understood the treatment and what would be required to regain mobility. After three short months, I have my life back! I still see Dr. Sharif once a week for preventative care. I feel wonderful and can’t begin to explain what life without pain means to me now!

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